Cancellation Policy


At Healthy’s A Lifestyle, our goal is to ensure that everyone has a positive experience. Your time is valuable and we want to be respectful of it. To do that, we have employed the cancellation policies listed below.

Personal Trainers and Chefs may choose from one of the policies listed below for. Once a policy is chosen it cannot be changed as it may affect future appointments. All sessions scheduled with a chef or trainer are subject to the policy they choose.

I’m pretty easy going, we can reschedule if need be.

I can handle cancellations, just give me some notice.

Don’t cancel on me $!#%*!

Any cancellations made outside these guidelines with be charged the full fee.


All Trainers and Chefs are held to the following cancellation policy:

One cancellation in a 6-month period with 7-days notice is permitted. Any cancellation made with less than 7-days notice will result in automatic account suspension. A second cancellation in a 6-month period will result in a $50 fee. may effect or waive such fees or suspensions in its sole discretion. Any fee or suspension may be appealed in writing to customer support by emailing may accept or reject such appeal in its sole discretion.




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