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At Healthy's A Lifestyle, we think that your health is your most important asset. Taking care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising influences everything you do. From brainpower, to physical fitness and appearance, what you put into your body and how you treat it impacts every aspect of your life. For that reason, choosing the people to help you make the right decisions is a very personal and important one. We are the only site that connects you and allows you to communicate directly with personal trainers and chefs. Since finding people you trust and want to work with is a profoundly personal decision, we believe you should make it yourself and give you the tools to do so.


1. Read profiles carefully.

Did the trainer or chef list any certifications? Do they have specific skills you are looking for? Everyone has the opportunity to list all relevant information on their profiles. If we haven't asked for it specifically, they can list it in their "About Me" section. Taking the time to read their profile in detail will help you get a feel for what they offer and who they are.


2. Take advantage of our messaging system.

Connect! Ask questions! Send messages to learn more and tell them about your goals, obstacles, allergies, injuries, etc. Communicating with chefs and trainers directly will help you decide who is a good fit for your needs and can help you reach your goals.


3. Schedule and pay on

When you schedule and pay through, we protect your information and ensure satisfaction. We use Braintree payments to ensure that your credit card information is protected and secure as well as offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you pay or schedule offline, you run the risk of fraud and other security issues. For that reason we prohibit scheduling and payment outside of our site in the Terms of Service. 


4. Read reviews.

We list reviews so you can see what other users have to say about their experiences. Pay attention to members who have needs similar to yours and make sure to look at what they write, not just the star rating.




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